Music is an incredible force. Music takes people from all walks of life and gives us a way to interact; it embodies the souls of millions and welds us together until we all become a single breathing entity.

That’s our mission here at LinesInASong. We want to be the voice for the voiceless and connect with all of you. We know Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” makes you cry; and that ” Seventy Times Seven” is still your go-to break up song; We even know that Taylor Swift is your guilty pleasure. We’re just like you. We’ve been healed by a melody and cut open by a chord and stitched together with a verse.

We have devoted ourselves to connecting fans with the artists that produce the music they love. We promote artists who are committed to sharing our vision, regardless of genre. We want bone-shattering choruses and riffs you can’t. stop. dancing. to. We want genuine artists with goofy smiles and a passion for what they do. But most of all, we want to connect you to the artists you love in a way that goes beyond just music.

After all, we are all just lines in a song.