Album Review – Oh, What a Life by American Authors


Album Review: Oh, What A Life By American Authors

The moment I heard Believer I was sitting on a friend’s tour bus and I couldn’t help but be hooked on just how amazing the song was.

Since then I’ve seen the guys play countless festivals,national television shows and be featured on plenty of soundtracks. After last year’s interview with the group I knew it would only be a matter of time before they released a phenomenal album and Oh, What A Life doesn’t disappoint the guy’s superb musical talents.

Think About It is the perfect transition from dance anthem Believer and by the time intro to Best Day Of My Life is on it’s impossible to not be on your feet dancing and having fun. With positive songs and inspirational lyrics it’s easy to see why fans are calling American Authors a ‘must see live because they’re amazing’ band.

Luck is the perfect upbeat bad song that you listen to at the highest volume and use to reflect while bopping your head. Home and Love slow down just enough and show the group’s softer melody side.

Oh, What A Life is the fairy tale perfect musical ending. Think of the last day of your favorite summer– the memories, the laughs and that is exactly what this song is. Whether you’ve listened to the album on repeat or just getting a chance to grab it.

No one can deny how amazing the bonus track of Best Day Of My Life acoustic sounds and shows that even without extra instruments this group of guys can make you fall in love with their music.

SXSW is like the musical Super Bowl and American Authors showcases will definitely a packed house of fans, dancing music enthusiasts and new fans discovering just how extraordinary the Brooklyn Band is.