Happy Fangs


Artists You Should Know: Happy Fangs

Rebecca Bortman and Michael Cobra are the ultimately duo; With positive vibes, extraordinary talent and remarkable stage presence, the pair combine to be the modern day musical Bonnie & Clyde.. Whether you were able to catch the group’s set at CMJ or just hearing the name, you can’t mistake how captivating these two musicians can be. Happy Fangs is the band you dance along to before going out, add to a party’s playlist and wake up singing lyrics to.

Q: How did the band form together?

HF: Well Rebecca and I[Michael] shared practice space and we also shared a drummer in different bands. I was in a Industrial Rock group and helped direct video’s for Rebecca’s band.

Q: What’s the story behind the name, Happy Fangs?

HF: We have different musical backgrounds but join together to form one. The name originates from our personalities and Michael’s last name being Cobra. Rebecca has a bubbly personality while Michael is more laid-back. We are like Ying and Yang.

Q: What would you describe your sound as?

HF: Kind of like an art-funk. It’s hard to bucket it, it’s like funk meets a mix of all your favorite bands in one.

Q: What was the writing process behind your new EP?

HF: We would write in impromptu jam sessions. There would be riff or melody jam sessions where we would play off the cuff and see what got us excited. We continued writing and picked the best two of those. The process took about a year.

Q: What was it like going from a large band to just two members?

HF:It makes decisions for the group a lot more easier and we can take care of things quicker. In a band there’s dynamic issues between leaders and followers. We have two band leaders and it makes it easier plus a lot of people say we have the energy of a 6 member band.

Q: Musical influences?

HF: For me [Rebecca] it’s oldies. Classic song structure and 70s girls Punk. For me [Michael] a lot of old 60s Rock & Roll with a mix of later 70s Punk Rock.

Q: What made you get into music?

HF: Well I [Rebecca] wanted to write songs that I could talk in betweenIt’s all about performing and reaching people through music that you can’t do with any other art. I [Michael] played drums at 9 and guitar at 16 so I wanted to contribute to music in some way.