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Artists You Should Know: Assuming We Survive


All classic stories have an underdog to root for and watch prevail. For Californian band Assuming We Survive their underdog tale includes years of hard work, touring, releasing new music and going through changes. In the musical sea of Vans Warped Tour, you can’t help but notice the band steering their own captivating boat.

From catchy pop punk into heavy songs, there’s not one moment of this group’s performance where you aren’t wanting more. Singer Adrian Estrella air-jumping melodies are only perfectly blended with guitarists Johnny Silva and Phil Adams riffs, while allowing heavy moments from bassist Joe Lawson and drummer Kris Pasos to stand out. Either you’re leaving a set sweaty from non-stop dancing or wishing there was an encore.

Q: You guys just signed to Third String Records and recently released your album, All Roads Lead Home, what was the hardest song to write and what’s the story behind Next To Me?

AWS: Hardest to write was Open water. I [Adrian] think Open Water is a big reflection and inner reflection of myself. So that was one of those songs where I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to write it like that, but then you know what? you have to be honest with yourself to be honest with other people and so it was one of those songs. Next To Me started when Phil had written a riff and it was a completely different song and one day he was playing this riff kind of modified it and started writing it. I knew I wanted to do a duet and was looking for a female vocalist that I really enjoyed listening to and this girl that I saw videos of Alexis Dunlap, she just has this voice and this tone about her, something very special. I just reached out to her: ‘Hey I know you don’t know me and don’t want to feel like a creep but i’m in this band Assuming We Survive, we have this duet and I would love for you to be on it’. She was totally all about it and it’s actually one of favorite songs, I get goosebumps on that song.


Q: You guys have played warped in the past, what has been your best Warped Tour memory to date?

AWS:Best to date? Albuquerque was so much fun because of that sandstorm and that’s the first time Ronnie and all the boys in Falling In Reverse actually walked over to see us play. 2014 we did Albuquerque and we were told there were windstorms but we didn’t believe it, it looked like the movie The Mummy, there were literally 2-mile high walls of dust and we all had to hold on to all the merch tents and it was wild. I [Kris] think best one for me was Pomona, the first time we played Pomona, because we busted out the surfboard for the first time and Adrian surfed the crowd. I [Adrian] usually crowd surf on a surfboard, yeah that was a fun. It’s so hard to say because we love this so much and we’ve been doing it for so long that we love opportunity we get and every opportunity is different and new and special in its own way.

Q: What are your thoughts on the lineup this year and who would be on a dream lineup for you?

AWS: We’re on it. If I[Adrian] could add a couple more bands, obviously we love A Day To Remember that would be awesome, Pierce The Veil would be cool to have back on again, NOFX would be super rad, Thrice would super sick and if we could add Motley Crue that would be dope. This lineup is incredible, you have so many different acts and you have upcoming bands like Bad See Rising they’re amazing and on Full Sail stage. You have Broadside, East Coast Pop punk and they’re the sweetest dudes on the planet then you have hard hitters like New Found Glory and Less Than Jake, Chelsea Grin, Falling in Reverse and a lot of friends. We’re still having bands come up too, Good Charlotte is jumping on for a few weeks and then our boys in Atreyu are jumping on. This is the lineup, this is the awesome music show.


Q:Would You rather be itchy or sticky for the rest of your life?

AWS:  Kris: Sticky Adrian: Sticky for sure Phil:I would rather be itchy Johnny: I was yesterday yesterday, I was getting eaten up all night up by mosquitos last night Joe: Sticky

Q: As Warped Tour returnees, what are summer tour essentials?

AWS: Gold bond, whiffle ball, baby wipes. A lot of toys, we bought a ton of nerds,so lots of nerd guns and lots of leisure activities things. hacky sack that’s like mandatory you have to have a hacky sack. Centrum adult daily multivitamins, take one a day pop one of those and ready to shred [laughs] and peanut m&m’s.

Q: What can fans expect from your Warped Tour set?

AWS: High energy. A selfie for sure, if you have a camera out in front i’m [Adrian] probably going to grab it. Lots of smiles, lots of sweat and lots of high fives,probably even a group hug (lots of fun!).

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