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Artists You Should Know: Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars


Most musicians move to California in hopes to start sign a record contract, get money and disappear. Anton Kellner is one of the few artists who genuinely want to produce amazing music. Kellner has managed to go from a Washington, D.C. resident to a West Coast Californian, all while financing his music career and staying true to his goal.

Kellner and The Lone Stars continue to show humility to a growing fan base with frequent thank yous of support and introduces the world to a soulful indie-rock sound with their latest hit, Where We Used To Lay”.

Q: Why name the band Anton Kellner and The Lone Stars?

AKLS: Well I[Anton] was in a touring band called Holding Onto Hope and the band sort of fizzled out but I wanted to do my own project with songs I had written on GarageBand. I wanted to do my own music. I recruited friends, went to Q Studios and tracked 7 song EP which we released early last year. The name is inspired by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers; It’s an atmospheric name and sounds like it fits the music we’re performing.

Q: What’s the hardest thing you’ve hard to face as an artist so far?

AKLS:It’s a dog-eat-dog industry. The hardest thing is strategy. Touring is a blast but it’s hard. You’re going to take a beating doing it– playing shows every night and weather changes. I would sleep a lot while touring with Hoping Onto Hope and missed seeing parts of the world.

Q: What’s the story behind Where We Used To Lay?

AKLS: Where We Used To Lay was wrote in California. I had a dream and it was like watching a movie.It was a combination of personal things and a vision that felt completely real. If I actually saw featured in a movie, it would be a perfect song for the vision.It’s really about fans figuring the song out and allowing them to apply it to their lives.

Q: An artist you admire and look to for inspiration?

AKLS: Definitely look up to Ryan Adams who is a phenomenal singer, John Mckiel and Broken Social Scene is another band we look up to. With our music we like like mesh genres, we’re inspired by a country twang style.

Q: Why should new fans listen to you?

AKLS: I’m a realist. I’m not going to say I’m doing anything different, but I think that my [Anton] music is unbiased. I have a co-worker who is into Metal only, but he really enjoyed one of my songs. It’s unbiased in the sense that people who don’t usually listen it love it and it doesn’t just apply it to one genre.

Q: Top 5 favorite song playlist?

  • Naive- Sleeping at Last
  • Ryan Adams- When The Stars Go Blue
  • John Mckiel- Get Caught
  • Broken Social Scene- Been At It So Long
  • Land of Talk- It’s Okay

Q: What do you want fans to get from your music?

AKLS: I want to inspire people to listen to the music and contact me asking about my music. I want them to be inspired to write music, start a new song or start their own music from my music.

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