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Chiodos’ latest album, Devil, is a musical reflection of how far the group has come and where they are headed with Craig Owens back at the helm. Nearly a decade later Owens is proving that change can be good, especially with tracks like ’3am’. It’s clear the band’s dynamic has changed and headed in a completely new direction. The return of Owens and addition of Fall of Troy’s Thomas Erak blends perfectly with Bradley Bell’s harmonic keyboard skills, guitarist Matt Goddard and Derrick Frost’s heavy metal drums. Whether you’ve been a fan since D.R.U.G.S Bone Palace Ballet days or just learning who Chiodos is, with Devil topping charts and hits like ’We’re Talking About Practice’ the only thing that matters is that Chiodos is back, improved and sounding better than ever.

Inside Craig Owens’ Musical Mind

QWhat’s your favorite song off Devil and why?

CO: It changes from day to day, but today I’m loving ’3am’. We played it for the first time last night and it was amazing to see just how much it connected with people.

Q: Where did you guys draw inspiration from with this latest album?

COWe definitely drew inspiration from life and a lot of changes. Once I got the cloudiness out of my eyes I took a step back to look at who I am and what do I want to do with life. It’s your actions, not your thoughts, that control your destiny. So, inspiration for this album came from trying to be proud of who I am and not being an outcast, while working toward making myself a better person.

Q: There’s been such a change in group dynamics. Where do you see the band’s direction headed?

COI used to want to say to take over the world [laughs]. My attitude has changed and now it’s more of just wanting a reaffirmation from the universe. I feel like I did the right thing and sort just want the universe to pay it back. I don’t have a plan for where I see us going next so I’m just letting this all take me where it wants to take me

Q: You’ve recently fallen in love and we’re in love with the fact that you’re in love.  Do you think that has any influence on your music and vibe?

COAw thank you! Overall it’s helped with my vibe, it is truly different. I tell her all the time she helps pave the path of the person I want to be. Musically she challenges me, she’s an amazing singer, guitar player and plays other instruments which pushes me to say ‘why can’t I be that good’?

Q: How does Devil emotionally and musically differ from 2007’s Bone Palace Ballet?

COMusically it’s more focused, it’s more confident. It takes a certain amount of confidence to write some of the songs we did. Devil is more open and vulnerable, there are no walls up.

Q: You’ve said ‘3am’ is based on your time after rehab. What’s the most life changing lesson you’ve learned about mental health?

CO: I’ve learned that happiness isn’t given, it’s something you have to work toward everyday. I look at life as a scale system of 1 to 5. 1 being the worst part of life and 5 being the best part of life. We live on 2, 3, and 4. You don’t always live on 4 or 5. We don’t expect live 2,3 or 4 and we all go through 1 but you can change it. Don’t look in the mirror and say what’s wrong with yourself, do something to better yourself and make yourself. Something that will make you work toward a 4 or 5. I used to look at life as a pessimistic before and there’s a lot of pressure to be what society defines as ‘happy’ but it’s about being a peaceful happy person. I want to be working toward being the person I want to be.

Q: What can fans expect from this tour?

CO: An introduction to new music. We still keep it OG and all but people can expect new music.

Q: Anything you want to add to new and old fans?

CO: I just want to say yes we’re back and it’s a new album, but we want to thank those that have stood by us through everything.Bad things happened before and we’re looking to right those wrongs.

Q: Why should new fans give Devil a listen?

CO: If they listen to it with an open mind then it’s ok if they don’t love it. That’s what I love about music; music is something people have different opinions about. It may not be everyone’s favorite and they may have have to listen to some songs more than once to like it or know how they feel about it but people who have a genuine connections with the album will love it.

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