Gabe Kubanda


Artists You Should Know: Gabe Kubanda

Booking managers have become a necessity for artists to book shows and tours. What happens when you’re the artist, booking manager and tour manager all rolled into one? Just ask solo artist Gabe Kubanda, who has mastered being a musical entrepreneur.

Kubanda has made the transition from lead guitarist in a rock band to starting his own tour and creating incredible acoustic pop songs. The musician’s passion for music is undefinable and remains humbled by his will to help other musicians and his close relationship with fans.

Q: What’s been the biggest difference between being a solo artist and being in a band?

Gabe: The biggest differences are that with the band I was the manager and handled booking and a band’s success is based on the entire group.Being a solo artist makes me work harder and makes me want to work harder to be successful.

Q: What made you want to start Epic Proportions Tour?

Gabe: Well I had been offered a gig on Vh1’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp 2 right after I left the band but I’ve always wanted to tour; as opposed to fans coming to a concert I could go to them and bring entertainment and make them fans.

Q: Musical Influences?

Gabe: Growing up my parents played records and they liked to play Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd. My musical hero would have to be Justin Timberlake because he’s very talented and he has the ability to combine soulful and acoustic sounds.

Q: Why should fans check out your set on Kevin Says stage?

Gabe: Fans should check me out because I’ll probably call them out and say hi. I might invite them on stage to do something with me, you never know what will happen.

Q: Best musical advice you’ve ever been given?

Gabe: “To never quit and work as hard as possible”. You don’t have to be the extreme best to find your niche in it. Someone could be the best guitar player and be homeless.

Q: Top 5 favorite songs?

Gabe:     Shine On You Crazy Diamond- Pink Floyd

               What Is And What Should Never Be -Led Zeppelin

               Jimmy Lovine- Macklemore 

               Poundcake- Van Halen

               A Moment Suspensed In Time- Underoath

Q: What does Vans Warped Tour mean to you?

Gabe: Vans Warped Tour gives artists the chance to be seen & noticed when they haven’t had a chance to be noticed.

Q: What’s the story behind the song, Bring The Fire Down?

Gabe: Bring The Fire Down was inspired about me leaving the band and the circumstances involving the situation. It’s like you going into a situation thinking you know what’s best to do but you leave bruised. It’s similar to the saying ‘never bring a knife to a gun fight’. In other words, don’t come unprepared. I was dethroned in a way. It’s a reminder to be humbled and not to think that I know it all.

Gabe Kubanda will be playing Vans Warped Tour on Kevin Says stage. June 20-28. Check out more information and music from Gabe here: