Artists You Should Know: HITS

With the music industry at a crossroads between pop sensations, heavy metal bands, indie artists and electronic dance music. New York Natives, Hits are remaining an Synth-Rock band that started with dance worthy tracks like  Madness and continue to captivate audiences with songs that bring back the essences of popular 80’s music.

Music is composed with the aid of many different instruments; But what happens when you correctly mix synthesizers with amazing vocals? You get Louis Epstein, Ben Vescovi, Chris Stein and Erik Tonnesen forming together as the rich sounding musical warriors.

Whether you’re just hearing the band’s name or have been a fan since they were known as Jump In The Gospel, there’s no denying just how catchy every anthem is.

Louis Epstein Explains Hits

Q: How did the band form?

Hits: Chris & I were apart of a big project 8 years ago and I had always been playing with Ben but we both didn’t like our side projects so we joined together. When we recorded a new EP we thought it would be Jump Into Gospel but we did new things and went in a new direction.

Q: Why change the band name to Hits?

Hits: Decided at the end of Jump In The Gospel we wanted a name with singularity and to choose something that matched Madness which was a totally different sound. We wanted a short name that was immediate and present, it was 1st band name we came up with.

Q: What & When can fans expect from your next album?

Hits: We’re shopping around in August. It’s less throwback 80’s, definitely a change in tempos; Our temps are slow and faster with this new album more 140-160 BPM range versus 120 BPM.

Q: Which song do you love to perform live and why?

Hits: Our new song called Regrets because of how unique the vocal range is, it’s lower and higher range. There’s so much energy with that song

Q: Your fans all fall in love with Madness. What’s the story behind the song?

Hits: It’s a funny story. We were at the studio working on other song and I saw this girl outside and I was struck by her beauty. I wanted to talk to her, but knew mentality she was too good for me. I went back into studio and lyrics started to come together. It’s about that madness that is in me.

Q: What would you describe your sound as to a new fan?

Hits: We have a lot of post Punk stuff as influences. We’re post pop new order meets Pulp. There are different lines people are joining off. What we are trying to do is a lot rare and real. Some artists have lost an organic quality. Everyone can write but when it comes to doing it live, they can’t do it. We have clap track on two songs along with two keyboards, there’s more special about connecting through music.

Q: You guys have played a lot of NYC shows lately. Where would you like to tour next?

Hits: We’re planning to head to Germany in late Fall. We’ve traveled the states stylistically France and Germany would grab onto our music. Berlin is almost the new New York.

Q: Why should a new fan check out Hits?

Hits: The best bands open worlds for people even the bands that reference books I’ve read, they’ve taken a line from this story or that story. I think we accomplished opening minds of fans, the more we develop the more that people will come to form an identity. It helps figure out who you are.

For more information about the band: http://www.facebook.com/HITSnyc