Artists You Should Know: July

Canadian natives July may be playing Vans Warped Tour for the first time, but they’ve already made a name for themselves with dance-worthy hits such as What We Signed Up For, Eight Nine Eight and Second Best. The band has not only attracted the attention of Warped Founder, Kevin Lyman, but they have also impressed their new record label, Kick Rock Invasion Records, who signed the group earlier this year.

Whether you’re bopping your head to a verse, singing along to a chorus or playing air guitar solos throughout a song, you can’t help but fall in love with a band that shares the name of a fun summer month.

Drawing lyrical inspiration from past and present experiences, singer Devin Moody, guitarist Andrew Falcao, Marc Sautter and drummer Sam Guaiana will be showing Warped tour how to party like Canadians.

July the band

Q: Why the name July?

July: Andrew and Sam were having trouble finding a band and went to an online band generator website. One of the results was the name July and the name fit the type of fun music we produce.

Q: How did the band form?

July: The original members of the band were Sam, Andy, Marc and singer Dave. Andy and Marc were in a band together before and recorded with Sam. After Dave quit the band, I [Devin] had just moved to LA and got a Facebook message from the guys asking if I would be their new singer but declined at first, then later agreed after moving back home.

Q: What’s the story behind the song, What We Signed Up For?

July: It’s a song about people not getting what they want out of life. I [Devin] have friends who graduated from school but aren’t doing what they want to do. I feel like I’m doing what I want to do. It’s possible to be happy and still do what you want to do.

Q: What was a highlight from touring with Broadside?

July: They were the first band to teach us about touring in the United States. Best highlight of tour is one night in New York, we were sleeping in a Walmart parking lot and this girl came over and twerked in the band’s van. It was about 2 in the morning and we all just wanted to sleep but it was like she was never going to leave.

Q: What can fans expect from your Warped Tour set?

July: We are going to try and play every fan’s favorite. We’re writing different sets for each show we play.

Q:What does Warped Tour mean to you guys?

July: We have all been going to Warped since we were 14. It’s a huge bonus to be playing where people we look up to have played. It’s about meeting new people and other bands.

Q: Top 5 favorite songs of all-time?

July: But It’s Better If You Do” – Panic at the Disco

Yesterday” – The Beatles

Teeth The Size Of Piano Keys” – Chiodos

Calm Before The Storm– Fall Out Boy

“Hound Dog” – Elvis Presley

Q: What’s a lesson you’ve learned as an artist?

July: Through touring you always have to keep practicing. There’s also going to be someone who wants this too. You’ve got to be on your A game.

July will be playing Van’s Warped Tour on July 5th in Toronto, Canada. For more music and information on July check out: http://wearejuly.com/