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Within minutes of any Magic Man track you are having a impromptu dance party.The Boston Synth-Rock band introduces fans to foot tapping tracks like Paris and It All Starts Here. Whether you had a chance to catch the band on Panic At The Disco’s Gospel Tour or just hearing the name for the first time, there’s no denying their infectious sound that you’ll be listening to for days.

Q: Why the band name Magic Man?

MM: Sam & I [Alex] were traveling through France volunteering on organic farms and we would write a bunch of songs on laptops. Some of the first MM songs were written then. We worked on this festival and the first friend we made was a young magician who was supportive of our music and called himself Magic Man.

Q: What’s a lesson you’ve learned as an artist?

MM:[Sam] Important to try to keep prospective, humble yourselves and remember who made things possible. Remember the fans and who keeps you there. We’ve learned a lot from other bands and artists who we’ve toured with. We learned pre-show warm ups, riders, what to drink, how to take care of ourselves, things to do on tour and a lot of other things.

Q: What was the writing process for your latest album, Before The Waves?

MM:We worked on it for a year and started it in college. We went to Fox Den studio and worked on dozens and hundreds of ideas then went to NYC last summer and mixed with Alex Aldi, who worked with Passion Pit. Some songs poured out while writing and some had stages. Changed the tempo and key. Paris came pretty quickly and lyrics came at the end.

Q: What’s one band you would like to tour with next?

MM: Tourist, St. Lucia, which is like our big brother band. Our dream bands would be Coldplay and Arcade Fire, but really we’re just excited to play with any band.

Q: What are some tour packing necessities?

MM: Well we’re fueled by Chiptole burritos and Buffalo Wild Wings and food in general is a necessity, Wi-Fi, and Sam has this high tech underwear that has the ability to dry really quick which is essential on tour.

Q: You just finished playing shows in London, What’s the differences you notice between international fans and fans in the states?

MM: The accents are definitely different. We had an amazing reaction, the crowd made us feel at home. They were interacting and singing along which was so great to see.

Q: What’s the story behind the song Paris?

MM: The song is about the city and there was a girl I met there while I studied aboard for 6 months then had to go back home. It’s about the transition from being in this amazing place to coming home. It felt like a surreal dream and being torn in two between a different place and home.

Q: What’s a favorite tour memory?

MM: Mine [Sam]is last night of tour with Walk The Moon we pranked them by running on stage in underwear including the high tech ones [laughs] during one of their songs.

I[Alex] loved Toronto show because lights went out and it was pitch black. We thought the lights would eventually turn back on so we just started to play songs and fans picked up their phones and used the lights to illuminate the stage for us. Turns out a fuse had blown so we played the entire show with only the fan’s cell phones, but it was a perfect fan/band symbolic moment.

Q: What are your plans for after tour?

MM: Come home, watch Netflix, eat Chinese. I [Alex] want to continue tour this album and hopefully tour Europe as much as possible.

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