Nightmare Air


Artists You Should Know: Nightmare Air

Nightmare Air redefines the world of Alternative Rock with a stage presence harboring the richness of a full band along with a captivating light show. When the trio isn’t uniting masses through a collective admiration for positive vibes, singers Dave Dupuis and Swaan Miller along with drummer Jimmy Lucido are touring with veteran bands such as Airborne Toxic Event, The Wedding Present and many others. If you’re a fan of Foo Fighters or The Killers, you’ll definitely have no problem falling musically in love with this band.

Q: Why the band name Nightmare Air?

NA: It’s a skateboard move not many people know about. I [Dave] was a big skater and it’s from a skateboarding film. It’s been in my brain for 15 years and one day I decided to go with it. It’s definitely googleable. Skateboarding defines who I am, the friends I’ve made, and the music I make/have made.

Q: What can fans expect from your next album?

NA: Over the course of the year you play with a lot of different bands and listen to different sounds. You have all these ideas when you go to write and record. Last year our album was like sonic music so we’re leaning more towards guitar but we’ll see this year. It probably won’t be out until summer or fall.

Q: Best show you’ve played so far? 

NA: We played a show in Germany in a weird basement venue with our gear broken and kids freaked out but it was awesome. We played in the middle of the night in winter to kids moshing. You play venues to 20-30 year old crowds and they don’t give a shit but we’ve played all ages shows and kids would bolt to the barrier making security freak out to stop them. The energy of younger kids is just amazing and great to play a show to.

Q: What is the story behind the song Icy Daggers?

NA:It’s straight up screw you kind of song; that feeling of being in love with someone and they’ll look at you like they don’t love you. There’s something behind the look in their eyes that can stab you. It’s also my favorite song to perform live because it’s upbeat so we can jump around and have fun.

Q: Biggest achievement this year? 

NA:  To be able to stay on the road and tour as much as we have. Even though we are signed on a label, we are completely self funded; To tour US & UK consistently without going broke is definitely an achievement. We all love touring while also remaining great friends and being a 3 piece band makes traveling a lot easier.

Q: Why should new fans check out Nightmare Air?

NA:We are awesome (laughs). We put on a good show, we put all our energy into the show. We kick ass live, some bands can have great records but have lackluster live shows.

Q: Next performances you are most excited about?

NA: We are really excited to be playing Europe in May/June, definitely excited to be playing SXSW and we also have a huge LA show on January 13th at Bootleg Bar.

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