Artists You Should Know: Outasight

Richard Andrew, better known as Outasight is making a comeback to a career he never truly left. Many recognize his name from top-charting hit, Tonight Is The Night and after an musical intermission the New York native is back and better than ever. Outasight introduces listeners to a refreshing upbeat style including funk pop track, The Wild Life. Whether you’re looking to sing along or start a dance party– Big Trouble, released October 23rd blends both worlds with singles, Back To Life and The Boogie rounding out the sizzling, must listen to album.



Q:What’s been the biggest misconception people have about Outasight?

O: People think I’m a band or it’s a name for multiply band members. Weirdest thing that has happened to me is once when I was a guest on The X Factor, which was a huge deal to me and this huge stage, I went on stage with sunglasses on during the entire performance so I checked my phone after and were people asking if I was blind. I learned to be more aware of performance outfits. Another misconception people have is i’m just apart of white rapper scene, but I was doing this for a long time when not a lot of people were doing it in dorm rooms and colleges.

Q: Did you expect or aim for Tonight Is The Night to get as popular as it did?

O: Didn’t expect it to become so big but it started getting so popular and it became hard to write something the same. I was overthinking things and stressed out.

Q: What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned about being an artist?

O: With a group I’ve learned collaborative lessons of life. It’s about making sure everyone is happy. Different personalities, where as being the person in charge means controlling a lot more.

Q: You split from your previous label and went onto be a independent artist. What’s your status lately and what’s it’s like to be an free agent?

O: I was on Warner Brothers for a longtime, but a new regime came in with changes and cleaned house. Relationships change and it was my time to go on to other things. I started a label called RPM with my manager and have completely say in everything.

Q: What was the writing process like for your newest album, Big Trouble?

O: Much more direction with songs and vibes, along with music production. It’s been two years in a making, but I never had a process and never really had a focus while on my other label because I would have only a couple of months to work on music before it had to be released. I got to work with cook classic musicians and an artist from Austin. I had no direction of how I wanted this to go at first, but started working on a funk album and it all just naturally fell into place of soul and funk. The Wild Life is got picked up by Bud Light and other commercials.

Q: What’s the story behind Big Trouble?

O: It’s a quote from Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. It’s about partying and chillin and Vegas. Very much Hunter S. Thompson vibes.

Q: Describe your sound as an artist

O: I’ve definitely found my focus for now and sticking with Pop funky hip hop. That answer might change next week [laughs] but for now I’ve found a sound and going with it instead of drawing from a lot of different sounds like I’ve always done.

Q: What can fans expect from your next album?

O: On October 23rd Big Trouble comes out and my next single, The Boogie is a dance track that’s a fun new dance. The music is great, feels like i’m a new artist and have new sounds.

To purchase Outasight’s new album, Big Trouble go to: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/big-trouble/id1036274954