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Artists You Should Know: The Ready Set

Photo by Jared KockaPhoto by Jared Kocka

Indiana native Jordan Witzigreuter is no stranger to the unpredictable music industry and has overcome adversity along his seven year journey toward stardom.

The Ready Set’s one-man band has established a loyal fan base, which are singing rejoices of newest album The Bad & The Better,  featuring dance worthy hits Are We Happy Now?and Carry Me Home.

Whether you’ve been a TRS fan since Love Like Woe days or just discovering the handsome powerhouse that is Jordan, you’ll be listening to this new album on repeat all summer long.

Getting Higher with The Ready Set

Q: Your new album has a lot more dance worthy tracks since I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming days. Where did you draw inspiration for The Bad & The Better?

TRS: I like to keep things pretty upbeat and fun. I love when people expect one thing out of a song and get something completely different, especially with dance songs.

Q: What’s the story behind the song Carry Me Home?

TRS: I like to make up things with scenarios and stories. There was this show and I was sitting in back and just started writing, which I don’t normally do because there’s so many distractions going on with noise and everything but I sat down and wrote the song. It’s about that person who thinks they can maintain a relationship with so many obstacles and issues getting in the way.

Q: What’s one of the things you love about Warped Tour?

TRS: There are a ton of people who have not heard your music before, the fans you make will stay with you and they are very loyal.

Q: You just released a music video for Higher. What was the thought process for that?

TRS: The idea was that I wanted something less convenient. I would make standard pop videos and I got bored doing the same thing so I wanted to put something different together and I added a lot of old school infomercials to make it fun.

Q: What’s one misconception people have about TRS?

TRS: The standard pop music related people writing songs for you idea. It’s all been me writing songs and putting things on my records.

Q: What’s your favorite song off the new record and hardest to write?

TRS: My favorite song is Are We Happy Now and hardest to write was Higher because I actually wrote 5 different choruses. The last label I was at had so many people giving a lot of different opinions about the song and the sound so I had to really choose for myself.

Q: What’s the hardest/easier part about being a one-man band?

TRS: It’s easy not having to wait around for a group of people to decide on something, I can make things happen quick. Hardest part is inconsistency with other bands.

Q: What can fans expect from your Warped Tour set? 

TRS: Constant energy, loud and rocky. I just finished putting together my set list together and it’s songs after songs. Some stuff from four or five years ago.

The Ready Set’s The Bad & The Better will be released May 27th. The Ready Set play Vans Warped tour this summer June 13 to August 3rd. For music, information and TRS tour dates check out: