My Life Vs Your Vaction


Every summer, music fanatics ranging from teens to metal head adults stand in long lines outside venues all over the nation in anticipation of one event: Vans Warped Tour. This summer, My Life Vs Your Vacation, who’s popularity has grown among musicians and Warped fans is returning with a new partnership, new products and many familiar faces. My Life Vs Your Vacation is a company started by Warped stage crew members Terry Myers and Josh Handy. The duo encourage supporters to follow their dreams and enjoy life to the fullest reward. The line’s biggest notable grew following a launch during last year’s Warped tour and has been featured on musicians, on Fuse’s television show Warped Roadies and on fans throughout the nation. Warped is notorious for 3 M’s: music, mosh pits and merchandise. Whether you’re a Warped first timer or a veteran, you won’t want to miss out a chance to join the MLVYV movement.

Q: What made you start My Life Vs Your Vacation?

MLVYV: We started it right before Warped Roadies premiere. We didn’t get paid to appear on the show. We saw it as a good opportunity to start our own company and start something we enjoy. We had 100 shirts printed and gave them away to anybody who had a chance to be filmed, especially our friends who were doing the show with us. It started to be featured a lot and we gained a website presence and built up from there.

Q: What’s one thing you want fans to take away from your clothing line and the motto you guys follow?

MLVYV: It’s a state a mind. The reason we say ‘anything is possible’ is because it’s about putting your mind to it. If it’s what you love and as long as you want to do it, then go after it. Make your life whatever you want it to be. The best part about MLVYV is that it’s not this big group of people that started it, but all of our friends and fans who have embraced it and helped make it what its become. Whether it’s people wearing it a show and connecting with someone else who recognizes it or a musician wearing it at a show, we’re all connected as one big family. It’s a movement.

Q: Why do you love Warped Tour?

MLVYV: I [Terry] began going to Warped since I was 16 and 1st year I went I loved how much of a community it was, especially as my first festival, so second year I went there was this receptionist who had given me information on a secret way to get backstage passes, which was to ask Kevin Lyman to help set up, so me and friends helped and got the passes. I went onto help with catering and later joined stage crew through Danny Bateman. I [Josh] actually never went to Warped until 2 years ago but my love for it comes from traveling and how amazing the music industry is. Once I found out about Warped tour I knew I had to find any way I could to get on and be apart of it.

Q: What can Warped fans expect from your tent this summer?

MLVYV: A lot of tank tops. We have 4 different ones coming out and some new things to feature. We want to give warped fans a fun thing to do in between bands. We want them to get a fun experience and enjoy the day. We are also proud to announce a partnership with Never Summer Industries. They will be having a longboard co-branding with us which will open a whole new pillar we haven’t opened up and will give us exposure in the snowboarding industry. Never Summer has never been apart of warped so we are excited to join together with them. We will be featuring their longboards on each Warped date as well as giving fans a chance to win one skate deck signed by all the Warped artists. We also have an MLVYV app coming this summer but details will be announced later on.

Q: Any sales or promotions going on?

MLVYV: We are working hard preparing for Warped and in the meantime we’re selling all the original shirts for $15 until Warped starts. We also have our Mu-tang shirt and tank tops featured on the site for fans to purchase.

Q: What’s the hardest part of being a warped roadie?

MLVYV: Dealing with Danny Bateman [laughs]. Hardest part is expanding our hustle we maintain during the day. There’s no time off in the middle, we go from working a long day of setting up and used to have that downtime before having to break down but now we go directly to our tent and are constantly doing it. We’re out there for 2 months and hardest part is keeping yourself mentality aware.

Q: Why should fans buy your merch this summer?

MLVYV:  People should want to because we are apart of the music community. We really care about warped and the people that attend. We enjoy Warped for Warped, we don’t care if there is another season of Warped Roadies or not. People are combining music and MLVYV and our forming together in friendships and connecting within a group. It makes people feel good.

Q: Any mentions or shout outs you want to give?

MLVYV: We want to give big shout outs to our Street team who are killing it with promo, everyone who is coming to warped, anyone who is volunteering or working for us. We can’t wait to see you all. I [Josh] want to shout out my mom and dad. We also want to shout out Bonnie Lee Myers, Joe Hustle, Mike Lil John for his amazing work especially with the street team, Michelle Beebs who has been working our gear in photo shoots and made MLVYV a big part of recording her new album, Darby for being awesome and all over our supporters for spreading the movement.

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