Album Review – The Sound by Face The King

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Album Review: The Sound by Face The King

For an EP that is only four tracks, The Sound manages to captivate the essence of original music within seconds of the first track, You, Me & the Sound. Face The King transitions into experimental Alternative Rock with All The Pretty Things and slows down the tempo with a perfect intro to The Stage.

Whether you enjoy rock or dance-worthy pop, you can’t help but be moved by mix of Randy Palumbo’s staccato drumming and Eric Zirlinger vocals throughout the song. By the final track, The Science Apart, you can’t help but wish there was more and instead hit repeat.

It’s rare to find a band that truly keeps a listener intrigued without having to overdo guitar riffs or auto-tune vocals, but Face The King have managed to do so and anticipation builds to hear the band’s full length album.

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