Album Review: Devil by Chiodos


Chiodos die-hard fans are rejoicing at the band’s newest album, Devil, released April 1. Since the return of original front man, Craig Owens, and the addition of former The Fall of Troy guitarist Thomas Erak, fans have been anxiously awaiting a new release with Owens at the helm.

The band gave us a hint of what the album would be like this past summer when they began performing “Expensive Conversations in Cheap Motels” at Warped Tour. With the release of the first single, “Ole Fishlips is Dead Now”, it was looking promising that the album would have the kind of energy and heaviness we would expect from circa 2006 Chiodos.

The band streamed the album on their official site and were greeted with almost exclusively positive reviews. Many are praising the addition of Erak, who’s math-core heaviness matches Owen’s unclean vocals perfectly through the entire album. But several were thumbs-downing the slower songs on the album like “3 A.M.” and “Under Your Halo” which is understandable if you went into this expecting a Bone Palace Ballet Pt. 2, but two songs in is enough for you to realize this album is so much more than that. While those two songs come as somewhat of a shock, they are executed with the kind of precision and style we’ve grown to expect from the band.

The record is a little bit of a trip from beginning to end. It’s an album that is equal parts Bone Palace Ballet and My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade, but with Erak absolutely shredding on the guitar the entire time. It’s melodic, aggressive, passionate and diverse. Listen with an open mind and don’t compare it to the Chiodos you knew before, and you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.