Show Review: Bless The Fall

Show Review: Bless The Fall

Friday November 6th at The Emporium

Cane Hill: Being the opener of an early evening all ages show,the Louisiana natives grew a smaller crowd to their rock. Although onlookers didn’t seem familiar with their sounds, many soon became attracted to the heavy up beat songs.

Oceans Ate Alaska: This band remind me of an older Bring Me The Horizon but parts of their sets seemed like they’re still working out some kinks in deciding their sound. It wasn’t until X-rays Eyes that they truly shined with synchronized breakdowns and a memorable stage presence. Although it took a little bit for things to take a turn, that didn’t stop the mosh pit to steal attenion and be filled with back flips and kick flips.

Emarosa: Whether you’ve heard one or you’ve heard every song by this song, no one can deny the pure energy Bradley Walden and the band bring to ever single set.

From the chills to vocally-led Say Hello To The Bad Guy to the instrumentally captivating Mad the group kept the audience eager for their song. “I’m sick which is why you don’t see me running around as much” Walden proclaims while effortlessly running on and off stage to join the crowd. The most unsurprisingly yet shocking moment was watching the crooner climb the stage’s lighting and sing. Although notorious for making radical performance moves, it takes flexibility and courage to sing from such a great height which shows the dynamics Bradley brings to the group.

Stick To Your Guns: First time ever seeing the group and definitely will not be the last. From the opening song its as if the energy from the previous group never left and every song was just another reason to continuing moving to the drums.

Bless The Fall: The headliners and end the show. With an enthusiastic set that intertwined sing along tracks and heavy drums, for those that have never seen this band live. It’s always a must see experience.