Show Review: The Story So Far


Show Review: The Story So Far | The Emporium | November 8, 2015

In a truly under the radar return, Californian natives The Story So Far brought another unforgettable packed show to Long Island. Known for belting out heart wrenching heavy beat tracks, Parker Cannon once again did not disappoint.

Opening bands Somerset Thrower and Turnover kept the room in a mellow vibe with their music slowing things down, while UK rocker Basement introduced an audience of new fans to tracks that were too perfect not to be fond of.

The Story So Far is no stranger to the venue, having played there a year ago,  but the moshpit’s howling cheers and filled crowd throughout the club showed just how powerful their talent is.

Concert goers sang, danced along, crowd surfed off and onto the stage and yelled every single resonating lyric. Having seen this group several times in other states, it was great to the band’s return while watching musically superb tracks such as Clairvoyant and Nerve. Whether it an attendees first or returning time, there’s no doubt it won’t be there last time seeing the magnificent band.