Emo Night Brooklyn 5.21


Whether you’ve grown up a 90’s music fan or completely emerged in the 2000’s era, there is no denying the emo lover in all of us and two friends   have found the perfect way to spread the nostalgic feelings worldwide; Alex Badanes and Ethan Maccoby host Emo Night Brooklyn throughout New York City, Las Vegas, London and recently Toronto.

BK15The monthly event celebrates three vital parts of music happiness: favorite old tunes, friendships and occasionally beverages. The duo hosted a sold out Emo Night Brooklyn at NYC’s venue castle Irving Plaza and it was nothing short of excitement with guest appearances by Fred Mascherino of The Color Fred and formerly Taking Back Sunday, as well as Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory. From My Chemical Romance golden days to Dashboard Confessional and Sugarcult, the good times never stopped until screaming voices turned into whispers. Emo Night Brooklyn is a reminder that singing in bedrooms and jamming on a long car ride can either turn into still having a place on Ocean Avenue or blaring Brand New songs with new friends.

Q: How did Emo Night Brooklyn Start and what made you guys start it?

ENB: Ethan and I became best friends at two years old while growing up in the UK. We would spend Friday nights listening to music and jamming. We ended up moving to Boston for school and we would have friends over to our dorm to listen to music on Friday nights then we moved to New York City and had friends over at our apartment. We wanted to do it at a bar. The bar had a basement, which turned into 100 people getting free beers and listening to their favorite music on a Friday night. Friends told their friends, who told other friends and soon that place was at capacity so then a venue reached out to us and asked if we were interested in doing it at a 250-capacity place. We put it online and had everyone share it all over. It was a free event and the results were insane. There were 1,000 people showing up for a 250 capacity. Brooklyn Bowl reached out about having it at their place and we’ve been having monthly events with them.

Q:You guys had Ryan Key of Yellowcard DJ in London, Shane Told of Silverstein DJ in Toronto and later this month Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail in Vegas. What made you guys branch out of New York and bring Emo Night Brooklyn to other places?

ENB: There’s an amazing music community in New York City, especially for the age group that come to Emo Night which is 18-35 and it’s that quarter life crisis where things are no longer as structured and we all have to figure it out on our own. There is no better place to party than Vegas and we have such a great partner in England that we get to go to Brooklyn Bowl London which is a cool venue.


Q: What does Emo mean to you guys?

ENB: [Ethan]: Emo gets a bad rap for being really sad people that whine, but there are 3 ways to define emo. 1st there’s the 90’s with bands like American Football and Jawbreaker. 2000’s which is middle school and high school resurgence of All Time Low and then that broad Emo-core era.

[Alex]: I agree with Ethan that it gets a bad rap, everyone has different versions of emo and its basically whatever you love. There are so many different bands that can be emo and even upcoming bands like Seaway, The Wonder Years and Modern Baseball are still considered emo to me.

Q: What made you guys choose to have the next Emo night at Irving Plaza vs Brooklyn Bowl?

ENB: Between capacity and expanding. Irving is larger than Brooklyn Bowl. We wanted to expand into Manhattan and expand more, plus Irving has had every Screamo band and it’s owned by Live Nation, who are really great to work with.

Q: Where do you see Emo Night Brooklyn in five years?

ENB: We want it to be more epic each time. We want it to be bigger with more surprises, but more of the same vibes and energy. We have more announcements to come soon.




The Next Emo Night Brooklyn is June 17th at Brooklyn Bowl. For tickets go to: www.emonightbk.com