Show Review: GWAR


Despite a grueling rainstorm, Virginia based rockers GWAR dazzled a Philadelphia crowd on Sunday night.

The majestic group kicked off the show with War on GWAR, a single off their new album The Blood Of Gods released October 20th from Metal Blade Records. The Trocadero’s crowd cheered on sprays of fake blood pouring into the audience during Hail, Genocide! while a mix of all ages lined the front barricade, singing along to every word.

I’ll Be Your Monster amplified the crowd’s energy and led to security guards protecting the barricade with pushing against it to stand guard.

The live show became more theatrical as El Presidente began with Blothar making a makeshift podium and later dismembering a costume resembling President Trump as well as a costume resembling a protester.

From dismembering politicians and religious characters to leaving the audience dripping with sweat and fluids, GWAR did not disappoint their memorable reputation ending the performance with Black and Huge. Whether you were in the front, back row or upstairs screaming from the balcony, no one can deny the excitement and exhilaration that each fan radiated the entire set. The Blood of Gods tour continues on until December with last show in Detroit, Michigan.