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Artists You Should Know: American Authors

 Artwork for EP set to be released August 27

Following a phenomenal Lollapalooza performance, American Authors are a couple of weeks shy of their EP release. With approval tweets from singer Ryan Cabrera and pop band Parchute, it’s only a matter of time before the Brooklyn band are topping charts.

With a youthful, eclectic sound, American Authors are sending out positive vibes and introducing a dance-worthy alternative genre with hits like ’Believer’ andLove You Fear’. Whether you’ve been a fan since they were known as The Blue Pages or just hearing a song today, you’ll soon become a believer too.

Q: Why the name American Authors?

AA: We chose the name after looking at our music and lyrics. We each have different backgrounds and experiences. Authors aren’t just limited to books, we are authors by telling stories through music.

Q: What do you think is the best and worst part(s) of the music industry?

AA: Well we’ve been in the music industry for a while, it’s such a blessing to be able to do what you love. Each day has its ups and downs. It’s a double edge sword– being on tour so much means meeting new people but being away from friends and family is hard. It’s the most amazing thing, but it’s also a challenge.

Q: What can fans expect from the EP being released August 27th?

AA: Well our EP will feature ‘Believer’ and ‘Best Day Ever’ but we also have a mix of songs from Punk to Irish Punk songs. We’re all a product of it and brought in different aspects of music for each song.

Q: What’s the story behind a catchy hit ‘Believer’ which differs from your other songs like ‘Keep Dreaming’?

AA: People listen to ‘Believer’ and get positive messages. Going into ’Believer’ we had sections within verses. The song is about things you don’t want to let go, no one is perfect. We all struggle with things and we do believe it will get better. What we take away from those things is that we only get better. ‘Believer’ ultimately is whatever the listener sees the lyrics as and that’s also what we love about the song.

Q: You guys are just getting back from a national tour. How do you enjoy your time off besides write more music?

AA: During our off-time we all do different things but we also go hiking, swimming and rock climber as a group. I [Zach] like to surf and skateboard. Dave produces tracks and plays clubs as a DJ. Matt works on musical pieces and James is a hiker.

Q: What do you think helps the band stand out in New York City, a city full of musicians and artists? 

AA:  Inspiring to be apart of the music scene all the time. We focus on writing the best music and reaching out to as many people as we can. We started as a writing phase and didn’t have a huge New York fan base then Alt Nation heard our song and they helped us build a national fan base by playing Believer.

Q: What’s one goal you want to accomplish as a band before 2013 ends?

AA:To keep playing music and hope our art can reach as many people as possible. Maybe ultimate world domination one day. [Zach laughs]

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